Perez Barquero Moriles Alto Mosto Yema – An unexpected gift

At Vinoble in June last year we spent some time with our friends from Perez Barquero Group in the Montilla-Moriles Pavilion. It is always good to see Adela, Rafael, Juan and Jose who have been so welcoming when we have visited Montilla-Moriles over the last few years.

Jose and Adela with Laura and Erik


It was fantastic to introduce our friend Seana from Portland (@sherrysips) to Rafael and the wines from Perez Barquero Group.

Juan Márquez, oenologist and cellar master of the Perez Barquero Group and Adela Córdoba Ruz, their Marketing Manager was part of a fantastic visit to Bodegas Perez Barquero in March 2017.

At Vinoble 2018 we attended the History of a Solera – “Sierra de Montilla and Moriles Alto” tasting wines from the Moriles Alto presented by Juan with Bernado Lucena, oenologist from Bodegas Alvear presenting the wines fom the Sierra de Montilla.

On the last day of Vinoble Juan surprised us by giving us a signed bottle of the Moriles Alto Yema, which was bottled specifically for the Vinoble tasting and featured in his presenation

So what is Mosto Yema? Yema is the free run juice obtained before pressing the Pedro Ximenez grapes, crushed by their own weight without any mechanical pressing. It is considered to be of the highest quality.

Our tasting notes:

Nose: Saline with citrussy lemon and lime.  Movin onto stoned fruits – peachs and mangos.  Slightly grassy

Palate: Under-ripe mango, red apple and peach skin. Finish is very dry with an increase in red apples.

It was a great privilege for us to be able to return home with this special bottle (which we have kept – although now devoid of the lovely yema).

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