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Vinoble 2018 – Setting the Scene, January & February 2018

When we were in Andalucia in January we received a surprise message on Instagram, quite literally out of the blue. It was from social media content and web site providors for a biennial international wine fair being held in Jerez de la Frontera in June, Vinoble 2018. They asked us to write an article “An Introduction to D.O. Montilla-Moriles Wines” for the… Read more →

Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 6, Friday September 8th

So Day 6 is Laura’s birthday. What special treats do we have in store? Well after breakfast we headed to Envidarte, home to the offices of the Consejo Regulador of Montilla-Moriles and the Ruta del Vino de Montilla-Moriles to meet Alfonso Fernandez, who is a specialist in the regional Olive Oils. It was also the venue where the Technical Specialists course… Read more →

Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 4, Wednesday September 6th (Part 2)

Part one of Day 4 saw us visiting Gracia Hermanos in the morning with Rafael Delgado here and catching up with Adela.   So Part 2 follows:   Not having anything else planned we decided to drive out to Montalbán de Córdoba to look at the pasera we first witnessed during our Technical Specialist course in September 2016.   Our article about this 1st… Read more →

The 12 Days of PXmas – Day Eleven

Day 11 of the 12 Days of PXmas sees us looking back at 2 of what were many highlights from 2017. As we come to the close of our festivities here in Scotland for the season, we would like to share two of the many celebrations that we have had with our friends in Montilla-Moriles last year.  People, culture, history and wine… Read more →

The 12 Days of PXmas – Day One

On the first day of PXmas we’d love to share with you a hidden gem of the wine world, Montilla-Moriles in the heart of Andalucia.   A region of spectacular wines and gastronomy, history, culture and best of all wonderful people. Alberto and Rafa embraced us, two strangers, and first introduced us to the delights and gems of this region in… Read more →

The 2017 Harvest to Start in D.O.P. Montilla-Moriles

Official Press Release The 2017 Harvest to start in the D.O.P. Montilla-Moriles. Montilla, 18 July 2017. Tomorrow morning sees the start of the harvest of grapes covered by the Denomination of Origin Montilla-Moriles. This is the earliest record of the grape harvest starting in the area. The first grapes of the white varieties grown for young wines without ageing, the… Read more →