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Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 6, Friday September 8th

So Day 6 is Laura’s birthday. What special treats do we have in store? Well after breakfast we headed to Envidarte, home to the offices of the Consejo Regulador of Montilla-Moriles and the Ruta del Vino de Montilla-Moriles to meet Alfonso Fernandez, who is a specialist in the regional Olive Oils. It was also the venue where the Technical Specialists course… Read more →

The 12 Days of PXmas – Day Twelve

We have really enjoyed bringing you the 2nd Edition of The 12 Days of PXmas over the past 11 days. Day 12 below is a selection of our highlights from 2017’s visits to  Montilla-Moriles, Córdoba, Madrid and Extremadura. A huge thank you again from the bottom of our hearts to all those that have embraced us and shared our journey… Read more →

The 12 Days of PXmas – Day Eleven

Day 11 of the 12 Days of PXmas sees us looking back at 2 of what were many highlights from 2017. As we come to the close of our festivities here in Scotland for the season, we would like to share two of the many celebrations that we have had with our friends in Montilla-Moriles last year.  People, culture, history and wine… Read more →

The 12 Days of PXmas – Day One

On the first day of PXmas we’d love to share with you a hidden gem of the wine world, Montilla-Moriles in the heart of Andalucia.   A region of spectacular wines and gastronomy, history, culture and best of all wonderful people. Alberto and Rafa embraced us, two strangers, and first introduced us to the delights and gems of this region in… Read more →

Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 1, Sunday September 3rd 2017

September the 3rd – We drove up from Malaga and settled in to our accommodation, the ever dependable Hostel Bellido. We knew we were in our second home and it was time to immerse ourselves into Montilla-Moriles for the 7th time in less than 3 years. We were back among friends and familiar surroundings. As always, there were new things… Read more →

Bodegas Toro Albalá – Marqués de Poley Amontillado Viejísimo Solera 1922

We have visited Bodegas Toro Albalá on 3 occasions now and during our lastest visit in March this year a we bought a bottle of the Marqués de Poley Amontillado to take home to review . This was the memorable  visit when we were honoured to spend time with Antonio Sánchez Romero, renowned oenologist and proprietor of the bodega, and his… Read more →

@MMWinesUK on Tour – March 2017 (Part 2) – Extremadura

We are members of a group created for the worldwide whisky community, the #whiskyfabric. It is a group of special friends from around the world that are brought together with their passion for whisky. No matter where you are or what you need there is always someone in the fabric that will be there to provide advice, opinion and best… Read more →