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Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 9, Monday September 11th

We were first introduced to the Restaurante Sociedad Palateros María Auxiliadora by our friend Isa in Córdoba March 2017.    Again Isa was instrumental in organising our next visit on Monday 11 September.  She had arranged a very special visit.  When we arrived we were seated for lunch, we ordered our food and had a couple of finos.  The service in this restaurant… Read more →

Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 8, Sunday September 10th – (Part 2)

We returned to Córdoba after a fantastic day out in Moriles, said our goodbyes to Alberto and his wife, and checked in our hotel. When planning the Córdoba part of our trip we have our dear friend Isa Calvache of Caracol Tours as our local expert on the ground.   After the marvellous experience she had organised during our trip in… Read more →

Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 8, Sunday September 10th – (Part 1)

The expression “It’s a small world” comes to mind when we write about Day 8. We first encountered Bodegas San Pablo during our trip back in March 2017 at the Feria del Vino de Tinaja y la Gastronomía de Montalbán.   A chance encounter driving through Moriles later in that trip led to us visiting the bodega here. We also… Read more →

Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 7, Saturday September 9th

This was a much anticipated day. There were two major events planned and they will not be forgotten.   The first one was meeting Sofía Jiménez and Raúl Santos of Secret and Exclusive wines who we met at the Cata del Vino in Córdoba in April – or rather Sofia found Erik due to his Montilla-Moriles tattoo!!  They represent and promote… Read more →

Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 6, Friday September 8th

So Day 6 is Laura’s birthday. What special treats do we have in store? Well after breakfast we headed to Envidarte, home to the offices of the Consejo Regulador of Montilla-Moriles and the Ruta del Vino de Montilla-Moriles to meet Alfonso Fernandez, who is a specialist in the regional Olive Oils. It was also the venue where the Technical Specialists course… Read more →