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Wine Review: Bodegas Lagar el Monte Fino Cebolla

In May 2015, accompanied by Rafa and Alberto, we visited Bodegas Lagar el Monte in the Moriles Alto. The review of our visit can be found here.

During our the visit we were fortunate to be able to sample 4 of the bodegas wine range, Monteverde Vino Joven Alfrutado, Fino Cebolla, Oloroso and the San Ramon P.X. The wines from this bodega are currently only sold within the Cordoba province of Andalucia. However, we are organising tastings in Glasgow and Edinburgh that will feature 2 of wines from this bodega which we will review ahead of these.

The wines poured.

The wines poured for our tasting.

Finos from the Sherry Triangle use the Palomino grape whereas Finos from the Montilla-Moriles DO use the Pedro Ximenez (PX) grape. The PX grapes are harvested here at an ABV of 15% so the must or grape juice when added to the 1st criadera requires no fortification, unlike in the Sherry triangle where neutral grape spirit with an ABV of up to 95% is added to the Palomino must to bring the ABV up to 15%.

The Pedro Ximenez Grapes

The Pedro Ximenez grape on the vine.

At Bodegas Lagar el Monte, the Fino is drawn from a criadera and solera system started over 100 years ago. It biologically aged under a layer of yeast called flor. Described as the crown jewel of this bodega the Fino Cebolla, cebolla meaning onion, has an average age of 15 years and we were fortunate enough to try this at the bodega and today here at home thanks to the generosity of el Monte’s Venenciador Antonio Jose Arroyo.


So what did we think of the Fino Cebolla? For those accustomed to Fino or Manzanilla from the Sherry triangle, this is definitely sweeter but still dry and not as acidic. On the nose, there is a hint of grass, citrus and dough. Fuller in body and with a creamy mouth feel, it is simply delicious.


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