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The Land Rover Express continues – Villargallegos to Bodegas Robles

Following on from our amazing morning visit to the 100% organic Pedro Ximénez Villargallegos vineyard and pasera near to Santaella, we returned to Montilla to revisit Bodegas Robles. In case you missed our visit to the vineyard and pasera in September 2016, you can read about it here.

Francisco explains the organic concept to Jose & Rafa

We started with a visit of the small organic vineyard next to the bodega and then proceeded onto the production facility. This is where the grapes are pressed, the must processed into the fermentation tanks and the clarification of the must takes place with some of the most innovative equipment available.

Nothing goes to waste at Robles. The organic byproduct remaining from the pressing of the grapes is kept and used for fertilizer.

Bodegas Robles no longer use the concrete tinajas still used at many of the other bodegas and lagars in Montilla-Moriles.

The Oloroso solera is outside the main bodega building to speed up the oxidative process

Our visit would not have been complete without going into the bodega itself.

Francisco introduces the 100% organic Verdejo must – Photo courtesy & Copyright © – José Fangueiro

Francisco explained that the organic Verdejo grapes had been harvested 2 weeks previously and he was keen to let us nose and experience the wine at this early stage. It really is very interesting and educational to experience all stages of the wine making process and this was no exception.

Rafa and I even had time for an arm wrestle – Photo courtesy & Copyright © – José Fangueiro

We were then to experience something that was very special. Francisco had given us a bottle of the multi award winning Pedro Ximénez Selección de Robles 1927 Oro back in May to take home to Scotland. We reviewed it here  and our friend Roddy Graham also reviewed it here after we gave him a sample.

This wine is limited to 600 bottles per annum and uses 30% of Pedro Ximenez wine taken from the original 1927 Bodegas Robles solera. We were truly honoured to be able to try this piece of liquid history.

Francisco pouring some of the bodega’s original 1927 Pedro Ximenez 

Once again we must thank Francisco for his generous hospitality and to share this day with Rafa And Jose made it all the more memorable.

We first visited Bodegas Robles in May 2016. We reviewed that visit here and look forward to our next visit to the pasera and bodega in September.

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