The 12 Days of PXmas – Day Nine

One of the most spectacular parts of the harvest of the Pedro Ximénez grapes in Montilla-Moriles is those that are selected to go though the soleo or asoleado process. This is where the grapes are laid out on mats to dry in the sun for four to ten days to become partially raisined.

The start of the pasera at Bodegas Robles, 2017

What a privilege it was to see that start of this process at Bodegas Robles and then see the largest Pedro Ximénez pasera in the world at Bodegas del Pino during our course a few days later.

Part of the worlds largest PX pasera at Bodegas del Pino

We will be providing more details on our experiences during the harvest and on the paseras in the near future.

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