The 12 Days of PXmas – Day Eleven

Day 11 of the 12 Days of PXmas sees us looking back at 2 of what were many highlights from 2017.

As we come to the close of our festivities here in Scotland for the season, we would like to share two of the many celebrations that we have had with our friends in Montilla-Moriles last year.  People, culture, history and wine all featured.

Feria del Vino de Tinaja y la Gastronomía de Montalbán

It started in March when we were able to attend our 1st Feria in Córdoba Province, the Feria del Vino de Tinaja y la Gastronomía de Montalbán (Fair of the Tinaja Wines and Gastronomy of Montalbán).

Read about our afternoon at the Feria here.

Catching up with Cayetano one of our classmates from the Technical Specialists course

Cata del Vino

April in Córdoba was another first for us at the XXXIV Cata del Vino Montilla-Moriles.

We were personally invited to the official opening ceremony by the Consejo Regulador of Montilla-Moriles.

What a honour and a surprise it was to get mentioned during this ceremony by Enrique Garrido the Director General, thanking us for our support and promotion of the region.

With fellow Technical Specialists Diana and Concha after the opening ceremony

Above with among others is the legendary Jose Ropero of Glace Cocktail (centre)

More than a third of the bodegas of Montilla-Moriles attend with locals enjoying regional wines accompanied by tapas and other traditional dishes from local restaurants and tabernas.

It was also an opportunity for us to catch up with friends old and new and take part in tutored tastings amongst others with: –

Antonio Lopez from Bodegas Lagar el Monte along with David Núñez from the Sommeliers Associaton of Córdoba.

Pilar Bujalance from Bodegas Toro Albala during her presentation

Read about the wines we tried with Pilar here.

Jose Ruz from Perez Barquero Group

Javier Alvarez from Bodegas Delgado.

It was also fantastic to catch up with Francisco Robles from Bodegas Robles, organic wine pioneers in Spain, and present him with a bottle of Benromach Organic as a token of our appreciation for his hospitality and generosity.

This is also where we 1st met Sofia and Raul from Madrid who represent Lagar de Hoyos. It led to a visit to Cooperativa Ntra Sra del Rosario (Lagar de Hoyos) in September which we still have to review.

We are regular participants either as exhibitors or attendees of whisky festivals in the UK which are an ideal way of discovering many whiskies in the one place.

Similarly, attending a Feria or a Cata del Vino are ideal ways of discovering new bodegas, their wines and the culinary delights of region. It’s something we can highly recommend and, of course, we will be returning this year to create new memories.

Join us on our journey…….

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