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Perez Barquero Gran Barquero Fino en Rama – Autumn 2017 Saca

In the spring of 2016 Perez Barquero released the first en rama version of their iconic Gran Barquero Fino.

Unfortunately we did not get to try it but we did get a bottle of their second release in October 2016 which we reviewed here.

The Autumn 2017 saca of Gran Barquero Fino en Rama is a generous wine made from 100% Pedro Ximenez grapes with an ABV of 15% with no fortification.

It is biologically aged under a layer of yeast, velo de flor, in a criadera and solera system using American oak casks for 8 to 10 years.

The ideal serving temperature should be cold at 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Perez Barquero Gran Barquero Fino en Rama – Autumn 2017 Saca – Tasted March 8th, 2018

Our first observation is the colour – a dark golden due to nearly 5 months of bottle ageing, having been bottled on Tuesday 17th October, 2017.

Nose: Immediately yeast and salinity but there is a sweetness coming through like red apples and a slight sour note like honeydew melon. Nuttiness in the form of raw almonds.

Palate: A salted almond hit at first with a cardamom like spiciness. Then a woodiness comes through more akin to applewood finishing with lemon grass notes. It certainly has a really dry finish.

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