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Our 1st Bodega Visit Perez Barquero S.A. – September 16th 2014

1st stop on Alberto & Rafa’s itinerary is a visit to Perez Barquero S.A., a bodega located in the heart of the town of Montilla.

This bodega was established in 1905 and is one of four bodegas in the Perez Barquero Group.

Along with the Montilla-Moriles wines they also produce Brandy, Red wines, Vermouth & Aperitifs, Spirits & Vinegars.

Safe to say our journey into the wines of Montilla-Moriles was truly starting.

On meeting Alberto, who would also act as our interpreter we were taken on a personal tour by Teresa from Perez Barquero.

The first building we entered housed the traditional tinajas, large earthenware vessels used to vinify the wine.

The tinajas at Perez Barquero

The tinajas at Perez Barquero

At Perez Barquero stainless steel tanks give the winemakers better temperature control during the initial fermentation before transferring to these tinajas.

Alberto explained the traditional criadera & solera system that is used not only in Montilla-Moriles DO but also in the production of Sherry.

We also were shown where the brandy was produced. It also uses the criadera and solera ageing system. Some of the casks in this production date back to 1895.

To finish the tour we adjourned to the tasting room to explore the wines from Perez Barquero Group including a Alfrutato Vinaverde from Bodega Gracia Hnos. S.A.

Fair play to Alberto he’s got us well and truly hooked.



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