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Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 8, Sunday September 10th – (Part 2)

We returned to Córdoba after a fantastic day out in Moriles, said our goodbyes to Alberto and his wife, and checked in our hotel.

When planning the Córdoba part of our trip we have our dear friend Isa Calvache of Caracol Tours as our local expert on the ground.

After the marvellous experience she had organised during our trip in March 2017 here, we were excited to catch up with her and find out what she had in store for us.  Safe to say she did not disappoint.

First stop was Bodega Guzmán for a few tapas and a glass of the house fino. Isa introduced us to Rafael Guzmán, the owner, and we were taken through the iron gates marked Privado (Private).

This is the bodega that houses their criadera and solera casks that hold the house wines. These wines are sourced from the best bodegas in the Sierra de Montilla. But this is only half the story and not many people get to see this.

Rafael’s father set up an arrangement with a local art school allowing students to paint the cask ends. Below are a few examples.

Isa and Laura admiring the cask ends

Erik, Rafael and Laura – A toast

It was a great privilege to see these cask end paintings and we must thank Rafael again for taking time to host us.

Restaurante El Churrasco was next on the list and only a few minutes walk away. Isa introduced us to the Maître d, Ángel González. He is the President and Founder of the Association of Sommeliers in Córdoba. So what did Isa have up her sleeve this time? Well she had only arranged for us to visit their wine cellar and bodega. This cellar is home to one of the finest fine wine collections in the city with some of the wines dating back the 1920’s.

Laura and Isa in part of the wine cellar

After the tour it was back to the restaurant for one of the house specialities, pork sirloin grilled on the indoor charcoal grill, absolutely delicious.

Ángel, Laura and Erik outside Restaurante El Churrasco

We must thank Ángel and the team at El Churrasco for hosting us. As you can tell we have been very fortunate to have connected with Isa. We would never have had the experiences in Cordoba without her. A true friend indeed.

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