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Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 6, Friday September 8th

So Day 6 is Laura’s birthday. What special treats do we have in store?

Well after breakfast we headed to Envidarte, home to the offices of the Consejo Regulador of Montilla-Moriles and the Ruta del Vino de Montilla-Moriles to meet Alfonso Fernandez, who is a specialist in the regional Olive Oils.

It was also the venue where the Technical Specialists course was held in September 2016. The memories starting flooding back of those special 3 days.

There certainly had been some changes to the decor with the Argentinian artist Gisel Rosso having produced 2 stunning paintings earlier in the year along with those on the streets of Montilla.

Alfonso, who acted as our translator, was keen to share the nuances of Spanish olive oil production and the nuances of its variants.  This was a very enlightening session, with surprising difference in the ages and varieties of the olives.  Needless to say now there is no sunflower or vegetable oil in our cupboards – purely Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

Next was lunch in Aguilar de la Frontera at another of our great restaurant in the region, La Casona.

This is where Erik first discovered chuletas de cordero (lamb chops) – a favourite of his and a dish he has had on more than one occasion.

We were close to the Moriles Alto and so another visit to Bodegas Lagar el Monte was definitely on the card,s as we had arranged it earlier in the week with Antonio Lopez. This is a bodega we first visited in May 2015 here.

When we arrived Antonio was preparing for the arrival of a German Tour group.

So we spent time with his sister Paula, who we knew from previous visits and obviously there was a glass or two of Fino Cebolla involved. A firm favourite of ours and a classic Moriles Fino.

Earlier in the year el Monte has introduced a new aspect and attraction to their tours, a tractor train.

The tractor train with the geographical marker denoting the highest point of the Moriles Alto in the background

You have the opportunity to tour the vineyards stopping at a viewing platform next to the highest point in the Moriles Alto. The views in all directions are fantastic albeit a little hazy with the heat of the day.

Laura and Antonio on the viewing platform

A fabulous addition to the experience of visiting Bodegas Lagar el Monte, well worth making time for if you are in the area.

We returned to Montilla to unwind and freshen up before we returned to the town of Moriles for dinner with Rafa, his wife Elena and their 2 daughters Anara and Elena at Mesón Los Faroles. This restaurant serves the biggest flamenquin “Flamenquin Gigantes” we have ever seen.

Rafa illustrates the size of the flamenquin.

6 days down, another special day in Montilla-Moriles and lots more to share with you.

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