Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 4, Wednesday September 6th (Part 2)

Part one of Day 4 saw us visiting Gracia Hermanos in the morning with Rafael Delgado here and catching up with Adela.

So Part 2 follows:

Not having anything else planned we decided to drive out to Montalbán de Córdoba to look at the pasera we first witnessed during our Technical Specialist course in September 2016.

Our article about this 1st visit to see it is here.

The Bodegas del Pino pasera – September 2016

We wanted to see  the sunset at the pasera so we drove out to Montalbán de Córdoba but we were too early. To kill a little time we drove to the centre of Montalbán and parked up. We walked up the street to Bodegas del Pino.

Miguel left and Alfonso far right before the live broadcast.

As if we needed another  moment of serendipity when we arrive at the bodega, Miguel Villa from the Consejo Regulador and Alfonso Fernandez, our interpreter from the aforementioned course, olive oil expert and local resident were there.

An Andalucian television programme, Andalucía Directo is filming a live segment of the 2nd pressing of the pasera grapes followed by a tasting with Miguel. Earlier in the day they had been filming at the pasera.

After saying our goodbyes it was back down to the pasera to see it in the dying light of the day.

Our 1st visit to this pasera  was back in September 2016  in the morning  so it was difficult to appreciate the scale of it due to the morning sun at the time. This time the pasera was also located on the other side of the road. The light was great for photographing.

The setting sun over the pasera across the road

In our opinion this is one of the most spectacular things to witness in Montilla-Moriles at harvest time.

We will look forward to the seeing this again in the future.

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