January 2019 Review – Sevilla Part 2 – Swanning about Sevilla with Shawn

After leaving Montilla we headed back to Sevilla via Córdoba and checked into our hotel. The Queen of Tapas – Shawn Hennessey had agreed to meet up with us and show some of her favourite places for tapas on a busy Saturday afternoon.

La Tienda de la Azotea

First stop was to La Tienda de la Azotea and what a start we had to a fantastic afternoon full of chat, laughter, food and drink. After ordering some beers we waited for Shawn’s recommendation to come over fron the kitchen of the mothership La Azotea across the road. Deep fried rabbit ribs, cooked with garlic and rosemary, accompanied by chips, was perfect combination with the Faraon Oloroso from Bodegas La Gitana. This is the bar snack of champions as far as Erik is concerned.

Deep fried rabbit ribs, garlic and rosemary with chips

Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo

Shawn had phoned ahead to the owner Ramón of our next stop to check of availablitiy of tables, the Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo. After a 10 minute walk and short wait on arrival, we were seated in the busy bar area.

Behind the bar of Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo

Their 3 day special “Eat the Piggy – Days of the slaughter of the acorn pig” menu was in operation. Shawn explained that this menu is something they do every year celebrating the matanza or pig slaughter. We ordered a glass of La Gitana Pastrana Single Vineyard Manzanilla which is on draught here whilst enjoying the complimentary olives.  Again we were happy to take her recommendations on the food front so we had croquetas, meatballs and pig cheeks in sauce. Other drinks we enjoyed included Alegria Manzanilla, Pemartin Amontillado and the house Vermut.

The “Eat the Piggy” menu

Shawn kindly took a photo of us.

Bodega Palo Santo

We had time for one last stop at Bodega Palo Santo where Laura and Shawn enjoyed a glass of Albarino with lagrams of Iberian pork with Mozarabic mayo whilst Erik enjoyed a glass of La Gitana Manzanilla.

It was fantastic to spend some quality time with Shawn. We can highly recommend going on one of her tapas tours if you are ever in Sevilla. Shawn’s website is a fantastic resource for all things food and drink related in Sevilla. We are planning to be in Sevilla in January 2021 and hope we can catch up. Swanning about in Sevilla is highly recommended.

We have put her most recent reviews of the places we visited with her below: –

La Azotea – La Tienda

Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo

Bodega Palo Santo

You can also follow Shawn on her Instagram account here

Links to places visited



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