It’s all down to Alberto & Rafa……

An innocent tweet tasting organised by Belgium Sherry Blogger Ruben Luyten of during International Sherry Week in June 2014 does not seem so innocent now.

Being whisky drinkers we were always aware of the wine and sherry industry in Spain and we thought that a little education in how the casks came to be and influenced our whisky could not do any harm!

The tweet tasting fortuitously came along and we had no idea that it would have such a lasting impression, culminating in us booking a flights to Andalucia that same week.

Right we’ve booked, heads full of Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso, Palo Cortado, Pedro Ximenez……now some research, where to stay , where to visit, who to meet….

The #whiskyfabric is always a good place to start and look for advice.

Conveniently there he is…. Alberto Corrales, a Facebook friend who lives in the heart of the Andalucia and works for Sherry Casks – Toneleria del Sur…… convenient. We have at this point never met him, purely exchanged niceties on Facebook  but it’s worth a private message.  “What should we do when we are in Andalucia and where should we visit?”

A few days later he responded complete with a day’s itinerary…..step one meet him at Perez Barquero SA, a Bodega in the town of Montilla at 10.30am for a full personal tour and tasting.

Then a 20 minute drive to visit another Bodega Lagar Blanco along with Rafa Cabello, General Manager of Sherry Casks in the hills above Montilla again for a tour and tasting.

Lunch at a local restaurant then a tour of Sherry Casks back in Montilla.

Our journey has just begun…….wine in Andalucia is not all about Sherry. Folllow us on the journey through the Montilla-Moriles region.

Next a review of that visit to Perez Barquero SA.

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