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It’s a Must – Bodegas del Pino (Part One)

Back in May 2016 when we visited the Consejo Regulador, Enrique Garrido was kind enough to arrange a visit for us to Bodegas del Pino in Montalbán de Córdoba on our last day in the region.

Started by D. Manuel del Pino in the 1930s, Bodegas del Pino is another family owned bodega, now 3rd generation, with it’s main facilities in Montalbán de Córdoba with a capacity of up to 497,500 litres of wine.

They also have premises in Montilla which is used mainly for storage of up to 636,200 litres of wine.

The facility in Montalbán started concentrating on the production of sweet wines from the Pedro Ximénez grape back in the 1950s.

The tinaja room at Bodegas del Pino

After parking nearby we were greet by Jesús who would act as our interpreter for the visit with Marco A. Arce Hidalgo.

Our host Marco explaining the fermentation process in the tinaja room.

He also explained to us that the company has also started experimenting and producing wines from other grape varieties, Moscatel, Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay

Another interesting development following demand from the Jewish community in New York is the move to produce Kosher wines from part of their production.

Certification was awarded in September 2016 and they are the first producer from the D.O. Montilla-Moriles to achieve this.

As well as wines, they produce more than a million bottles of olive oil annually.

Bodegas del Pino were pioneers in adopting the same process used to extract the oil from olives  to produce a second pressing of the Pedro Ximenez must.  This process is carried out by the hydraulic presses in the photos above.

As part of the visit we were shown the original solera & criadera casks along with tools used in the bodega that dated back to the 1930s.  We concluded our tour with a tasting in a room adorned with the traditional tools.

We would like to thank Marco and Jesús for their hospitality during our visit.

Marco was kind enough to invite us back for a visit to see the pasera and production of the must in September.

Little did we know that this would form part of our Technical Specialist’s course in September.

We will review this visit in our next article Part Two.

Hijos de Manuel del Pino S.L.

C/ Llano del Calvario, 6 – 14548

Montalbán de Córdoba – Córdoba

Tel. + 34 957 310 014



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