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Bodegas Robles – January 2018

Our first visit to Montilla-Moriles in 2018 was in January.  We had never visited at this time of year before.

It is always important to catch up with people and bodegas that have supported and educated us during our journey through Montilla-Moriles. So we arranged to drop in and see Francisco Robles at Bodegas Robles for a catch up.

January traditionally sees the start of annual pruning of the vines in Montilla-Moriles and coincidently the organic Verdejo vines around the bodega in Montilla were being pruned when we arrived. These vines are only two years old and will produce grapes for harvest this month (August 2018).

It was very educational to see the vines being pruned enhanced by a full commentary by Francisco who explained the process in detail.  If you get the chance to visit a vineyard when this is in process you will understand the effort and care that is required.

As usual on our visits, we headed back to the bodega where Francisco introduced us to their new labelling that had been developed for the Piedra Luenga range focused for the domestic supermarkets.

The Piedra Luenga Fino

An another old aquaintance made an appearance there, the Caprichoso Dulce. This was something we tried during our first ever visit to Robles in May 2016 when it was under development. A blend of organic Verdejo and Pedro Ximénez this wine is slightly gaseoso or fizzy.

Wow, what came next was outstanding.  We sampled their organic Vermut, VRMT (Vermut de Robles Macerado con El Tiempo). It is made from a base of 8 year old Oloroso, featuring 10 of the botanicals found in the plants grown in the vineyards around the bodega, using a recipe dating back to the 13th century.

We were encouragedby Francisco to take the rest of the bottle back to our apartment in Montilla to enjoy with the recommendation of serving it on ice with a large slice of orange. How could we refuse?

Once again we cannot thank Francisco enough for his time, hospitality and generosity.

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