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Bodegas Lagar Blanco Oloroso

In early October 2015 we hosted two tastings , one in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh, of four special wines from Montilla-Moriles.

Today we are going to review the Oloroso from Bodegas Lagar Blanco.


The official notes on this wine

This is the next ageing step from Amontillado spending more time in wood with 100% oxidative aging. There is no flor or yeast involved in producing this wine.

As a result of this longer aging process, the evaporation of water from the wine concentrates the components that contribute to the aromas, flavours and complexity along with the alcohol content.

The criadra & solera at Lagar Blanco

The criaderas & soleras at Lagar Blanco

It is again made from 100% Pedro Ximenez grapes and has spent 19 years in a 50 year old American oak cask criadera & solera system.

Colour:  Picks up deep and rich colours from it’s extended aging, mahogany with copper edges.

Nose: Nutty with balsamic notes and hints of toasted wood.

Mouth: Oily and toasty, smokey, sweet even butterscotch type flavours. Powerful, round and full bodied

Pairing: Ideal with mature cheese, red meats, game and stews.

How to Serve: Serve  at 12 Cº to 14 Cº in a white wine glass.

Overall it is not hard to agree with all of the above.

On the nose we also get a hint of lemon in the background however the nutty notes dominate.

The palate with its oily mouth feel is wonderful with lots going on, hazelnuts, lemon and a fantastic long woody finish.

Should you require any further information on this wine please contact us at info@montillmorileswines.com.

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