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Bodegas La Aurora – An Enlightening Visit

There is always that one place on your “to visit list” and even although you have driven past it so many times either time pressures or other plans means you never have.

That place for us is  Bodegas La Aurora, one of the largest producers in Montilla-Moriles.

Fortune was on our side this time as during our impromptu visit to Perez Barquero in January to catch up with Rafael Delgado, we mentioned to him that we had never managed to vist Bodegas La Aurora.

He offered to make a phone call and later he texted us back to confirm that our visit was had been arranged and that we should meet Francisco Espinosa at the bodega at 4pm.

It was a nice day and so we walked from our apartment in the heart of Montilla to visit the so far elusive bodega.  It is very accessible from the centre.

Laura happy that we finally made it

Bodegas La Aurora was originally established by a handful of farmers, as the Cooperativa Agrícola Nuestra Señora de la Aurora back in 1964.

Their aim was a determination to produce quality wines. Now one of the largest co-operatives in Andalusia and Spain, they have approximately 800 members producing for them.

On meeting Fransisco Espinosa (Paco) we were led first to the olive oil production area.

10 million kilos of olives are processed here annually.

We obviously had to try it and Paco duly obliged.

Paco pouring the Extra Virgin Olive Oil for us to taste

More impressive was the Tinaja room that houses 932 of them.

We have never seen such a large array, it was quite breathtaking and we were fortunate to try a wine from one of them, thanks to Francisco.

With a throughput of 10 million kilos of grapes annually, the bodega produces a range of wines including: –

  • Vino Joven (Young Wine)
  • Fino
  • Amontillado
  • Rosado (Rose)
  • Tintos Joven (young) and crianza (aged)
  • Pale Cream
  • Pedro Ximénez

Francisco, our host with Laura

It was a very impressive tour and we were so appreciative that Rafael could arrange this, and Francisco could take time out at such short notice.

Like many of the other bodegas we have visited, we will return.

We were delighted to learn earlier this week that they will be participating at Vinoble 2018 on 3, 4 & 5 June in Jerez de la Frontera.

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