The 12 Days of PXmas – Day Two

Having never met Alberto before, Laura was taken aback by his sense of humour with his “I see you” gesture.

He then greeted us with a big hug as if we were old friends on the street outside before our tour of our first ever bodega Perez Barquero. Our review of that visit can be found here.

The Courtyard at Perez Barquero SA

Alberto explains the criadera & solera system.

What better way to finish a tour than with a tasting.

Following our visit to Perez Barquero, Rafa joined us as we headed into the hills above Montilla for our next visit to Bodegas Lagar Blanco which we reviewed here.

The Pedro Ximenez vines on the slopes around Lagar Blanco

Miguel explains the Fino wines biological ageing process under Flor.

The wines tasted at the end of our tour at Lagar Blanco.

If you have ever visited Montilla-Moriles you will understand the level of hospitality that they provide. It’s next to none.

One day, two bodega visits, two new friends, we have been truly captivated.

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