The 12 Days of PXmas – Day Eight

Day Eight of the 12 Days of PXmas sees us looking back at all the wines from Montilla-Moriles we reviewed in 2017.

In 2016 we managed to review 15 wines including 1 guest wine review as part of the 1st edition of The 12 Days of PXmas here. 

2017 saw us publish 19 reviews including 1 guest review with 5 more to follow. Below is a summary of the wines we have reviewed: –

 Bodegas Toro Albalá Fino Eléctrico Bombilla 

Perez Barquero Gran Barquero Fino en Rama – Autumn Saca 2016 

NV Gracia Hermanos Solera Fina Maria del Valle en Rama Spring Saca 2016

Bodegas Alvear Fino Capataz Solera de la Casa

Guest Wine Review – Bdegas Robles Pedro Ximénez Selección de Robles 1927 Oro

Bodegas Málaga Virgen Fino Lagar de  Benavides

Bodegas Alvear Fino en Rama 2012 Vintage

Comparing 2 Bodegas Robles Finos

 A Vertical of Bodegas Toro Albalá Pedro Ximénez Vintages

Bodegas San Pablo – Fino San Pablo

Bodegas Delgado – Fino Segunda Bota

Bodegas Toro Albalá – Dos Claveles Vino Joven

Bodegas Robles – Piedra Luenga Oloroso

Perez Barquero S.A. Fresquito, Fresquito

 Bodegas Toro Albalá – Marqués de Poley Amontillado Viejísimo Solera 1922

 Bodegas San Acacio – Fino Parlamento en Rama

 Bodegas Luque – El Abuelo – Old Amontillado, Solera 1888

 Bodegas Luque – Fino El Pato Especial – en Rama

 Lagar Los Raigones – Fino Lagar del Cerro “Winery of the Hill”

We look forward to sharing more wine reviews in 2018.

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