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NV Gracia Hermanos Solera Fina Maria del Valle en Rama Spring Saca 2016

The wine selection from our lunch at Perez Barquero

As part of our Technical Specialist’s course in Montilla-Moriles last September, we visited Perez Barquero and had lunch accompanied by a selection of wines from the Perez Barquero group of bodegas.

The 3rd wine we tried was the Solera Fina Maria del Valle en Rama from Gracia Hermanos S.A.

We enjoyed it so much at the time that when we had the opportunity to buy a bottle it was too good to miss. Bringing gems like this home to Scotland to review is a big part of our Montilla-Moriles experience and is something we will continue to do.

From the back label, the official notes: –

A fine old 100% Pedro Ximénez wine using grapes from the Sierra de Montilla and Moriles Alto. It has spent 7 to 8 years under a veil of flor, yeast, in a American oak casks.

The colour is dark yellow with a aromas of prickly pear, almonds, green olives, hay and straw.

Balance between volume and freshness in the mouth, with limestone minerality and a very savoury, almost saline finish.

Our notes:

The nose delivers almonds, salinity and a very slight hint of butterscotch in the background.

On tasting, the influence of the flor is apparent with the presence of yeast along with subtle green olive and lemon. There is definitely saline and savoury notes in the finish.

Another example of a fabulous of a Montilla-Moriles Fino, with at least 10 months bottling ageing, that sadly is not readily available outside the region.

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