Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 1, Sunday September 3rd 2017

September the 3rd – We drove up from Malaga and settled in to our accommodation, the ever dependable Hostel Bellido. We knew we were in our second home and it was time to immerse ourselves into Montilla-Moriles for the 7th time in less than 3 years. We were back among friends and familiar surroundings.

As always, there were new things to discover. Just around the corner was this spectacular piece of public art from Argentinian Artist Gisel Rosso, one of 7 around Montilla she painted back in July.

We unfortunately had missed the first 2 days of the Fiesta de la Vendimia, the Harvest Festival, but we attended our first official event in the courtyard of Perez Barquero S.A. , the first ever bodega that we visited and a special place for us.

It was also fabulous again to be able to look into the bodega from the street housing the Solera Los Amigos and take in the aromas of the wines.

The Flemish mass we atttended was in the honour of Our Mother and Lady of the Vineyards and was carried out by the parish priest Javier Algar Ruiz.

After the formalities had concluded we walked down to Los Camachos restaurant to have a meal with our friend Rafa, his wife Elena and their children. On the way we passed the spectacular sculpture in the middle of a roundabout, based on logo of the Perez Barquero  (the boatman).

What a start to our trip…. and OMG there is so much to follow.

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