Calle María Auxiliadora, 25, 14002, Córdoba
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Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 9, Monday September 11th

We were first introduced to the Restaurante Sociedad Palateros María Auxiliadora by our friend Isa in Córdoba March 2017. 

Again Isa was instrumental in organising our next visit on Monday 11 September.  She had arranged a very special visit.  When we arrived we were seated for lunch, we ordered our food and had a couple of finos.  The service in this restaurant is second to none. On realising that we spoke English the tablet came out and had the entire menu there in front of you to scroll though.

Not only is it an impressive building but the atmosphere idyllic. Our food arrived and yum…. just yum.

Mid way through our meal Manolo, the owner arrived.  We were the whisked off into his new in-house bodega. This had been set up back in May 2017 with Jose Ignacio, renowned wine expert and one of our lecturers from our Technical Specialists course.

He was keen to let us try his wines – all of them!  Glass after glass they were poured. First, second and third criadera finos, then Amontillado, Palo Cortado, Oloroso, Vermouth, Cream and PX.  We took our time despite his enthusiasm and kept most of them to take back to our table to review.  Wow we were overwhelmed but in the most humbled way.

So here are a few notes – post bodega and from our table after the most delicious dessert:

3rd Criadera Fino : Nose: Green apples, Rhubarb and custard. Palate :unripe apples – delicious

2nd  Criadera Fino : Nose: Yeast / marmite like with oaky and wood noes. Palate Wood, almonds with a salinity

1st Criadera Fino: Nose: Strong yeast, like a Moriles, starchy with a hint of green apples. Palate:Salted almonds, green apples with a hint of lemon zest.

Oloroso: Nose: Toffee, orange zest, cinnamon. Palate: Chocolate orange and dark cocoa

Palo Cortado:  Nose: sugared almonds, orange zest, instant coffee, melting chocolate.  Palate:Coffee/Cocoa, slightly spicy with nutmeg.

Amontillado: Nose: Charred oak, toffee hints, stoned fruits, menthol Palate: Spicy to start, orange zest, cinnamon with a hint of clove

Vermouth: Very refreshing and herbacious.

Cream: (served over ice with a slice of orange): Nose: Cocoa, blackcurrant, Jaffa cakes, slight toffee and pipe tobacco.  Palate: Blackcurrant and liquorice  predominantly.  Not too sweet with an essence of tinned peach.

PX: Nose: Blackcurrant, raisins, cocoa and condensed milk.  Palate: Spicy blackcurrant and liquorice.  Slight heat of cloves

So a few hours later we finished, Manolo had already left to pick up his grandchildren, when we asked for the bill we were presented with a bottle of his cream.

We were delighted that we got it home safely to Scotland and we served it a home over ice, just as we had first experienced it.

Cheers Manolo. It will be interesting to see the development of these wines over time.

Thank-you Isa.  See you both soon. Un fuerte abrazo desde Escocia.

Well that was lunch.  So the evening would obviously involve cocktails in our favourite place. Glace Cocktails with José Ropero is always a treat.  The running theme here is that it was our friend Isa Calvache that introduced us to both José and Glace back in March 2017.  Isa is that important in the region that there is now a cocktail named after her on Glace’s menu, the Calvache San in tribute to her connection with Japan.

As we have said before Jose uses Montilla-Moriles wines in his cocktails and this time was not an exception. He also uses some nice malt whisky too!  How could we go wrong in here.

The Calvache San

As always Kev and Monti came along too.  They love it there, as do we.

Slainte José and again thank-you Isa

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