Lucky Visit Number 7 – Day 7, Saturday September 9th

This was a much anticipated day. There were two major events planned and they will not be forgotten.

The first one was meeting Sofía Jiménez and Raúl Santos of Secret and Exclusive wines who we met at the Cata del Vino in Córdoba in April – or rather Sofia found Erik due to his Montilla-Moriles tattoo!!  They represent and promote Lagar de Hoyos in Madrid and very enthusiastically too. Sofia’s family are from Moriles and we love her passion and loyalty.

The plan was to meet at Cooperativa Ntra Sra del Rosario (Lagar de Hoyos) in Moriles at 11am.  So when we arrived their two smiling faces were there to greet us.

They personally toured us round the lagar involving Antonio, the wine maker, and the General Manager Miguel Doblas along with Michael their representative for Malaga.

One of our favourite sights in Montilla-Moriles is the tinaja room and here we had another spectacular one to discover

Raul collects one of the tinaja wines

Raul with the 2 tinaja wines

We sampled two vino joven wines direct from the tinajas – at different ABVs, some freshly squeezed must , an Amontillado, a PX and a very special 30 year old PX that Antonio had to climb up on a ladder to get some. What a privilege to be able to try this wine.

The freshest must

The standard PX with the extra special PX on the right

Laura, Antonio, Raul and Erik at the end of the visit

When we were leaving Antonio presented us via Sofia with a bag in box of the Lagar de Hoyos Fino.  We have yet to post this review but will do soon.

Thinking that our time with Sofia and Raúl was over, we headed to the car park.  Our experience was certainly not over….. so we were invited to join them for lunch at Bar Zurito.  All I can say is food was great, wine was quality and company was second to none.  What a fun start to the day.

Many, many thanks to them for a fabulous experience!!!  We will definitely see them again this year in Córdoba at the  XXXV Cata del Vino in April.

We had a few hours to return to Montilla and prepare ourselves for the “Vino de Arte – Harmonies and Contrasts in the Montilla Castle”.  This event was organised by Tabero Bolerno in conjunction with Bodegas Robles.  Two of our favourites in the region.  Suited and booted, and Laura in completely inappropriate footwear for the walk, we headed to the castle.

Wow what a spectacular setting and venue, the anticipation was building.  They excelled our expectations.

The first sight we had was Carlos of Taberno Bolerno standing in the doorway taking in the atmosphere.

On entering the banqueting hall we sat with a table of complete strangers but they were not for long.

Again the welcoming spirit of the people of Montilla saw us embraced and  thoroughly enjoying our evening.  It may have helped that Carlos, Fransico Robles and Rafy Marmol had all came over to welcome us.

Three pillars of the Montilla community indeed.

The fantastic menu for Vin Arte

So bring on the food from Manolo the chef from Tabero Bolerno paired perfectly with the wines from Bodegas Robles.

L-R Manolo, Francisco and Carlos take questions from the floor

After the dinner we were treated to music in the grounds of the castle.

It was an opportunity to catch up with old friends and new friends including Juan Marquez, Cellar Master of Perez Barquero who we first met back in March, Manolo Carmona and Raquel Casado from the Montilla Council.

What can we say, another fantastic day. May there be many more to follow in 2018.

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