Lagar de Hoyos Fino en Rama

In September 2017 during our 7th visit to the region,  we visited Cooperativa Ntra Sra del Rosario (Lagar de Hoyos) in Moriles. Read about that visit here.

Antonio the winemaker, seen next to Laura in the photo above, was kind enough to give us a bag in box of the Lagar de Hoyos Fino en Rama which had been bagged earlier in the week.

Part of the solera system used to produce the Laga de Hoyos Fino en Rama.

1 of the glasses of fino taken from the solera cask 

During our visit we had the opportunity to try this wine direct from a number of solera casks so we were looking forward to reviewing this wine at home.

Our Tasting Notes

Made from 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes, this Fino en Rama has an ABV of 15%.

It has spent 18 years biologically ageing under a velo de flor in American oak casks in a criadera and solera system.

Nose: Yeasty with nuts, almonds, stonefruit, peach stones, pencil shavings

Palate: There is wood, yeast, berries, walnuts and green bananas.

We get a lot of enjoyment from trying new wines from the region and this Fino en Rama was no exception.

Our first encounter with Lagar de Hoyos was when we visited the Cata del Vino in Cordoba last year. We hope to catch up with Raul and Sofia again when we return to this year’s Cata.

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