Fino Cebolla – A homage to the onion

Last weekend we reviewed the Fino Cebolla from Bodegas Lagar el Monte. Our review can be found here.


For those of you that are fortunate to understand Spanish or for those who think that Cebolla is just a brand name given to this wine, we think that it is worthwhile sharing the origin of this exceptional wine’s name.

We ourselves were intrigued especially discovering that cebolla means onion in Spanish. We challenged Alberto to find the answer to why the bodega had decided to name their finest fino wine after onions..


Pig meat is a large contributor to the southern Spanish economy and the seasonal  “matanza” (pig slaughtering) provides the delicatessens with the produce for the year including ham, chorizo, morcilla and other quality meats including loin.

A number of decades ago the Cuenca Family came together with other people in the Lagar el Monte for the slaughtering and preparation of the pig meat. Onions are widely used in this process so that onion (“cebolla”) aromas were blowing and being detected around the area during the day. During their break from the “matanza”, the owners and some friends would enjoying one of their finest finos in el Monte’s sacristy (a sacred room) .

The background smell of cooking onions wafting into the room, the sensation of the smells of onion and the yeasty flavours of the Fino were unforgettable.

Their best fino thereafter called “cebolla” is named in memory of that pleasant mixture of onion smell and the fantastic fino they enjoyed. The Fino Cebolla,  their finest is definitely one to be savoured and enjoyed.


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