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Bodegas Toro Albalá Fino Eléctrico Bombilla

Bodegas Toro Albalá is located in the town of Aguilar de la Frontera in the buildings of a former electricity substation so in recognition of that, some of their wine range are named Eléctrico.

A review of our 1st visit in May 2016 can be found here.

Valentina with a bottle of Fino Eléctrico Bombilla

At the end of  that visit Valentina Pitton, Export Manager for the UK, The Netherlands, Austria and Latin America, kindly gave us a bottle of the Fino Eléctrico Bombilla to take away and enjoy.

This is the same wine as is found in the Fino Eléctrico en Rama that we reviewed here in June 2016 but in a different bottle obviously.

Official Tasting Notes

Produced using the solera technique from 100% Pedro Ximenez grapes, it is biologically aged for 5 years under a veil of yeast, also known as ‘flor’.

Colour: Pale straw. Brilliant and light in glass.

Nose: A sharp and energetic start that fills your nose with almond aromas before leading to hints of breadcrumbs reminding of its 5-year period under a veil of yeast. Very elegant in the nose.

Palate: This wine clearly evokes the chalky albariza soils of Andalucia. A salty and tangy start before leading to fresh almonds and breadcrumbs. Retro nasal and round in the mouth. Persistent aftertaste.

Food: Perfect partner for Spanish tapas, as well as seafood or grilled fish, Iberian meat and Manchego cheese.

Our Notes:

Given this wine has been subject to at least 10 to 11 months bottle ageing it will be interesting to see what differences we can pick up between the 2.

Fino Eléctrico en Rama – Tasted June 2016: We find the nuttiness in the nose as well there is a fruitiness with a mild yeastiness in the background. Unlike other en Ramas that we have tried the yeast is not prominent at all. On the palate the almonds do come to the fore and there is definitely fruit, slight lemon effervescence and red apple skins. The finish is tangy and there is a saline note as well.

Fino Eléctrico Bombilla – Tasted February 2017: This time we find that the nuts on the nose are more pronounced, Brazil nuts as opposed to almonds. A slight hint of water melon with the yeastiness still in the background and a definite hint of the aroma from cooking a steak, the caramelization. Despite the nose, on the palate it is now reminiscent of bitter lemon but not overly bitter. There is a hint of lemongrass in the finish. This would be perfect to try in a martini instead of Vermouth.

This wine in our opinion is better appreciated without bottle ageing. Although we can still say it’s very good.

It has been an interesting experience to make this comparison.

Although this packaging seem gimmicky, it has been very well thought out and put together. This bottle will defintely be recycled for our use and not sent for general recycling.

Thanks again to Valentina for supplying the bottle and we are looking forward to our visit next month.

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