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Bodegas Robles Pedro Ximénez Selección de Robles 1927 Oro


We recently posted a review of our fascinating visit in May 2016 to Bodegas Robles, which can be found here.

At the end of our tour and tasting, Francisco presented us with a bottle of the Pedro Ximénez Selección de Robles 1927 Oro to takeaway, enjoy and review at our leisure.

Bodegas Robles is one of the few wineries that still retain its own drying facilities, an area specially reserved due to its geographical orientation and gentle slopes for the dehydration and sun drying of the grapes.

Special care is taken to ensure that the drying of the grapes is regular and uniform. For this reason this process is done manually.

Photos above courtesy of Bodegas Robles


This is a 100% Pedro Ximénez sun-dried grape wine. It is from a crianza with 30% from the original 1927 solera fundacional and 70% from a solera with an average age of 10 years. A limited release of 600 bottles per year, it has an ABV of 15% and has 380 grams of sugar per litre.

Official Tasting Notes

Colour: Beautiful intense mahogany colour with coppery highlights.

Nose: On the nose it is very personal, with deep raisin, honey, orange peel aromas and a slight mineral

Palate: It is long and pungent, complex aftertaste, nuances of chocolate, toasted toffee, peppers and mint. Very attractive and not at all sickly, on the palate is perfectly balanced, between sweet but after a while there emerges an acidity that enlivens and prolongs the taste.

Food: By itself it’s an excellent dessert wine. It can also be served with blue cheeses, an afternoon tea with pastries and ice cream.

Our notes: On the nose we get the raisins, hints of chocolate but there are tobacco, prunes and lemon notes as well. The palate delivers dried fruits with a hint of orange zest and honeycomb along with slight liquorice notes at the end. A long, satisfying luxurious finish that is not overly sweet or sickly unlike other Pedro Ximénez wines we have tried.

A truly spectacular example of aged Pedro Ximénez wine which has garnered prestigious awards.

This was selected as as the fourth best wine in the world and best Spanish wine in 2015, according to the World Association of Journalists and Writers of Wines and Spirits (WAWWJ).

Robles Award

AWC VIENNA 2013 Best wine in its category (Sherry, Port, Madeira, liqueur wines).

In the Paris Vinalies Internacionales, which heads the world rankings of international competitions, it obtained in the 2007 edition for the first time in the history of the competition, 100 unanimous points from an international jury.

We are truly humbled and honoured to have been able to try this wine again. It is one we hope to share with some of our fellow wine and Sherry aficionados.

A huge thank you to Francisco for presenting us with a bottle of this wine.

We will be be returning Bodegas Robles in September during our next visit.logo

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