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Bodegas Lagar Blanco – September 16th 2014

Rafa Cabello from Sherry Casks joined Alberto, Laura and I for our next bodega tour at Bodegas Lagar Blanco.

Located in the Sierra de Montilla viticultural area in the hills to the east of Montilla in a converted farmhouse, it is one of the highest bodegas and vineyards in the Montilla-Moriles region.

Winemaking on this site dates back to 1959 with the current family owners acquiring the site in 1985.

On arrival we were introduced to Miguel Cruz Galvez son of the Miguel Cruz Marqués, the Agronomist, winemaker and expert taster who has spent a whole lifetime working with the wines of Montilla-Moriles.

Lagar Blanco

Bodegas Lagar Blanco – Photo courtesy of Bodegas Lagar Blanco

Sierra de Montilla and the Moriles Alto are considered the two viticultural areas where the ideal altitude (400 to 600 metres above sea level), climate and soil allow for cultivation of the highest quality Pedro Ximenez grapes within the Montilla-Moriles DO.

The soil found in these areas is the same albariza soil found within the Sherry Triangle approximately 100 or so miles to the west.

Miguel expalined how Lagar Blanco grow their own grapes in 3 hectares on the slopes around the Bodega and interestingly harvest the vines twice a year.

The grapes closest to the trunk are harvested 1st with the grapes at the extremities of the wines harvested later in the season.

Moving inside we were shown how all aspects of production are carried out on site.

The grapes are hand harvested and are 1st put into a machine that moves them up into the pneumatic press where the juice is extracted. The extracted juice is then moved into stainless steel tanks.

Traditional tinajas are used for fermentation of the grape juice.

Click here to a video of the alcoholic fermentation occuring in the tinaja at Lagar Blanco from their Facebook page. Turn the sound up!

Unfortunately when we visited this was not happening in any of the tinajas.

Moving on Miguel explained their process of criadera and solera aging system and the biological aging under flor at Lagar Blanco

We then adjourned to to the tasting room where we were taken on a flight of 5 wines produced on site, the Vina de Tinaja, Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso & Pedro Ximenez.

All we can say is that everything we tasted was fantastic. As newcomers to the world of Montilla-Moriles wines we were blown away by the generosity and hospitality of Miguel. Safe to say we will be back.

Rafa, Alberto, Laura & Erik raise a glass to the good health of Miguel and Bodegas Lagar Blanco

Rafa, Alberto, Laura & Erik raise a glass to the good health of Miguel and Bodegas Lagar Blanco

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