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Bodegas el Monte San Ramon Pedro Ximenez

In early October 2015 we hosted two tastings , one in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh, of four special wines from Montilla-Moriles.

Our latest review is the San Ramon Pedro Ximenez (PX) from Bodegas el Monte which we reviewed here.

Do not be fooled that all PX’s are sweet and sickly. This indigenous product shouts quality and purity.

The Pedro Ximenez grapes are left to dry on mats in the hot sun to become raisins in order to raise their sugar content. This is known as the Paseras process.

PX Grapes

The grapes being turned during the paseras process – Photo courtesy of

The official notes on this wine

This is produced by 100% oxidative ageing. The alcohol content is reached naturally and can range from 15% up to 22%.

This sweet raisin wine has a sugar content of 170 grams per litre.

Once again the grape variety is 100% Pedro Ximenez and it has spent 15 to 20 years in a 60 year old American oak cask criadera & solera system.

Appearance: A dark colour due to the grapes being raisin like.

Nose: This is a highly aromatic wine with hints of dried fruit, honey, toasted coffee, dark chocolate and cocoa.

Mouth: It is non syrupy and vinous in the mouth, dense, full-bodied, smooth, sweet and smoky with a long and warming aftertaste.

Pairing: Ideal with desserts, ice cream and blue cheese. We can also recommend soaking some raisins in PX for a week or so and having with porridge or on good quality vanilla ice cream.

How to Serve: Serve at 6 Cº to 8 Cº in traditional wide rimmed catavinos or a white wine glass.

Again we find it hard to disagree with the official notes above.

On the palate we also find a hint of aniseed/liquorice.

This is definitely not as sweet or viscous as some Pedro Ximenezs we have had from the Sherry DO.

Further Information

The Sierra de Montilla and the Moriles Alto (Bodegas el Monte is in this area) are considered the two viticultural areas where the ideal altitude (400 to 600 metres above sea level), climate and soil allow for cultivation of the highest quality Pedro Ximenez grapes within the Montilla-Moriles DO.

The soil found in these areas is the same albariza soil found within the Sherry Triangle approximately 100 or so miles to the west.

Interestingly, the Montilla-Moriles region supplies in excess of 90% of the Pedro Ximenez grapes used to produce PX Sherries from the Sherry DO.

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    • Laura & Erik Burgess
      Laura & Erik Burgess says:

      Hi Troels,
      At present we do not import wines ourselves.
      We could pass your details on to our contacts in Montilla-Moriles if you would like.
      Kind regards,
      Laura & Erik


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