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Bodegas Alvear Fino en Rama 2012 Vintage Revisited

We first reviewed this Fino en Rama from Bodegas Alvear in May 2017 here.

As we bought another bottle last year we were keen to see, given it has a further 16 months of age, if there was any evidence of bottle ageing. To keep our approach fresh we decided to produce individual reviews before looking retrospectively at our previous review.

The official notes on this wine state that it is a 2012 vintage, has an ABV of 15%, not fortified, and confirms that it is made from 100% Pedro Ximenez grapes.It recommends that it is best served at 8 – 10ºC.“En Rama” means that it is unblended, has not been stabilized and is only lightly filtered to enhance its individuality.

Laura’s Notes

Nose: Initial notes of lemons, wood, hint of over ripe melon. There is also slight mandarin, sour cream and melon in the background. The mandarin comes through more with time.

Palate: Cooked lemons, pink grapefruit and woodiness to start with a spicy note in the background. There is pink grapefruit and lime in the finish with a peppercorn spiciness.

Erik’s Notes

Nose: Red apple skins, uncooked dough, salted almond initially. With time the nose evolves with plums coming through.

Palate: An applewood woodiness and salinity with galia melon and unripe plums in the finish


The wine has definitely evolved with the extra 16 months in bottle in a good way. It has gained more complexity and the above shows that every individal can detect diffferences in the palate and nose.

It is a Fino en Rama that has stood the test of time and has matured well.


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