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A chance encounter – Bodegas San Pablo

Our first encounter with Bodegas San Pablo was at the Feria del Vino de Tinaja y la Gastronomía de Montalbán in March 2017. Intrigued by their traditional looking bottles and stall displays, we had to find out more. You can read about the Feria here.

So in March, when we were driving through Moriles and spotted someone familiar walking up the footpath. It was Amalia from Bodegas San Pablo who had hosted us at their stall at the Feria. She disappeared into the shop-front door of the Bodega.

A spur of the moment decision saw us parking up and knocking on said door.

Amalia and Laura share a fino in the bodega

When we arrived, we were recognised  by Amalia and she was more than happy to take us on a tour of the Bodega and asked Antonio to accompany us.

Antonio showing off his skills

Antonio M. Ojeda Chacón with his brother Paco are the owners of the Bodagas and are the grandchildren of the bodega’s founder Jose Chacón Pineda.

Located in the middle of the Montilla-Moriles wine route, Bodegas San Pablo can boast of being one of the oldest wineries in Moriles.  In fact the bodega is said to be older than the town itself.

As this was such an impromptu visit we will be returning in September 2017. During the visit we tried the Fino direct from cask and the Pedro Ximénez which is 15% ABV and has 400 grams of sugar per litre. We brought back a bottle of the Fino which we reviewed here and the Pedro Ximénez and we will share our thoughts on it with you soon.

Another unique experience was to see the underground cellar which houses the bodega’s red wine. This red wine, produced only for consumption by family and friends, is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes with an ABV of 13%. This was a huge privilege to try this wine and it was robust on the nose and palate.

We would like to thank Antonio and Amalia for their generous time and hospitality during this impromptu visit. Another bodega well worth seeking out if you ever get to Moriles.

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