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2019 D.O. Montilla-Moriles Harvest to Commence Monday 22nd July

Dawn on Monday 22nd July will see the start of the harvest in the Denominación de Origen Montilla-Moriles, traditionally the 1st in Europe.

The president of the Vineyard Sector of Asaja Córdoba, Juan Manuel Centella, explained that this year’s harvest will commence two weeks earlier than the 2018 harvest which started on the 7th August thanks to “a benevolent climate with temperatures that have resulted in a good, advanced ripening of the grapes”.

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo and Moscatel will be the first varieties harvested which will produce the first musts of 2019. These will be followed by the red varieties with the native Pedro Ximenez variety the last harvested.

Early indications are that the yield will be lower than the 2018 harvest which closed with some 45 million kilos of white grapes and 3.5 million kilos of red grape. This is due to a reduction in the size of the vineyard load and it will also depend on the higher temperatures to come in the region.

Juan Manuel also explained that “the health status of the grape is very good so the quality of the harvest will be too.”

We would like to wish all our friends in the region a sucessful 2019 Harvest.

What is Asaja Córdoba?

In Córdoba, Asaja is the most important agrarian association in the province. It is constituted nonprofit and inspired by democratic principles. At present, it has about 5000 members.

Asaja Córdoba has as its main value its workers, with a degree of specialization and unparalleled experience.


Our Association was born in response to the needs of farmers and ranchers for the representation and defense of their interests independently and professionally.

Our partners

The Association brings together professionals from agriculture, livestock, forestry, agroindustrial, hunting, etc., whether individuals or legal entities, and whatever the size of the operation.

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