Month: April 2017

Bodegas Málaga Virgen Fino Lagar de Benavides

We first encountered this fino when we visited Bodegas Málaga Virgen in the neighbouring Málaga D.O. to Montilla-Moriles in May 2016. Our review of our visit can be found here. They are also registered with Montilla Moriles D.O. as they produce and age wines in a solera brought from Montilla in the 1950’s and also sources and produces wines from Aguilar de La Frontera… Read more →

Guest Wine Review – Bodegas Robles Pedro Ximénez Selección de Robles 1927 Oro

We 1st visited Bodegas Robles in Montilla in May 2016 where Francisco Robles very kindly gave us a bottle of the Pedro Ximénez Selección de Robles 1927 Oro to take home to Scotland. One of the things we have done since we started on this journey is share samples of the wines we have brought back with friends. Roddy Graham… Read more →